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    Fort Gordon, GA History

    Fort Gordon, named after Confederate Major General John Brown Gordon, was established in 1917 as a training camp for Army recruits being deployed to the Western Front in World War I. After World War I, Camp Gordon declined until 1941, when it was reactivated and became a training site for the 4th Infantry Division, 26th Infantry Division, and the 10th Armored Division. During World War II, Camp Gordon was the site of a prisoner of war camp, housing German and Italian soldiers, and after the war, used as a U.S Army Disciplinary Barracks. With the reorganization after World War II, many came to Gordon. A Signal Corps Training Center was established, the Engineer Aviation Unit Training Center was activated, and the Military Police School relocated here from Carlisle Barracks. In the 1950s, Camp Gordon had many major additions. The U.S Army Training Center, a Rehabilitation Training Center, a U.S Disciplinary Barracks, the Advanced Leaders School, the Civil Affairs School, and the only U.S Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory were established. The camp became a permanent Army installation in 1956 and was renamed Fort Gordon. Fort Gordon was a basic training center, with some advanced training schools and U.S Signal Corps activities. Basic training ended at Fort Gordon in the 1980s and the training camp is today overgrown. In the 1970s, the Signal Corps Training Center was reorganized under the U.S Army Southeastern Signal School, and all communications training at Fort Gordon was consolidated under it. Fort Gordon is today the largest military telecommunications complex on Earth, and has put major focus on military intelligence as its mission. Today, Fort Gordon is home to the Gordon Regional Security Operations Center (GRSOC), a combined service center, and trusted with the role of providing intelligence services to the U.S Central Command, the U.S Special Operations Command, and the U.S European command.