Fort Gordon, GA - Gate Hours, Map and Status

    There are four gates at Fort Gordon. The Main Gate 1 (McKenna) is open 24-hours and located just off the Gordon Highway (US-78) on the east side of post, closest to the homes for sale and for rent in Augusta, GA. Gate 2 hours are 0430-2000, M-F. Gate 5 is open 0430-0100, 7 days a week and Gate 3, used primarily for commercial traffic, is open twice daily, M-F: 0600-1400 for all traffic and 1400-1800 for Outbound Only.

    Gate 1 (McKenna)
    Gate Operation Information: 24/7
    Gate 2
    Gate Operation Information: CLOSED
    Gate 3 (Commercial)
    Gate Operation Information: In & Out: Mon-Fri 0600-1400
    Outbound Only: Mon-Fri 1400-1800
    Gate 5
    Gate Operation Information: Mon-Sun: 0430-0100